How can I find reliable business partners in Nigeria and Africa?


Hello, I am looking for people in Nigeria and Africa that can partner with me for business.

I am in China and in China there is need for Sandalwood. I know about two companies who need Sandalwood and import them .

I need people who have an find Sandalwood, cut, prepare and ship to China. I will get it to the companies here.


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  1. We suggest you visit your preferred location to do a feasibility study.

  2. Camwood(African Red Sandalwood), commonly known as Osun among Yoruba’s, majigi in Hausa, and uhie in igbo. It contains healing and antiseptic properties.

    Benefits of camwood powder.
    1. It is brightens the skin.
    2. Camwood helps to soothe sunburn and remove dark spots.
    3. Camwood powder mixed with Shea butter will treat ezcemas,skin rashes, measles and psoriasis.
    4.camwood powder cleanses and thins out fine lines and wrinkles.
    5. it acts as a natural exfoliant and cleanses the skin.
    6. It has been used for centuries to massage and treat newborn babies and brides to be,so it’s perfectly safe for even people with sensitive skin.
    7. It is completely natural and can be mixed with rosewater,aloe vera gel,milk or tumeric to treat and give an instant glow.

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