I made over $100 from Clixsense and they have send the money to Skrill, how do I get it from Skrill?


So I have been using Clixsense for some months to make exra income. It is not easy as I have to try many times to complete surveys. I did make over $100. I request money and they sent it to my Skrill account. But the withdraw button on Skrill is not working for me to take my money to my bank account. Can anyone advice me what to do?

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  1. Have you verified your Skrill account?

    If you have not then try verifying. If you have, consider sending Skrill an email or use the ‘My cases’ section to report to them.

    Congrats on the money

  2. How did you do it?  have been unable to make that much for over 2 months now

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